Crazy Lab

Crazy Lab

1 tea spoon of sodium, 2 of potassium, 50g of chloride and what was the rest? Make that a little bit of this, a little bit of that and why not all of that! Sounds like your average science class, not quite! It's crazy, its zany, it's gross and best of all its science the cool way!!….. Heaps of crazy goodies here. Contents include, ice cream popper, tub of galaxy slime, toilet putty, awesome crazy boogers (really huge), kids magazine and more. HOT new showbag suitable to both girls and boys.

$4.00 Inc GST within Australia


Content & Details

Popular with: Unisex
Suitable for: Age 3yrs – 7yrs
Ideal for: School, Annual Fairs, Fundraising or Kids Parties. Ready packed.

Magic Square Magnifying Glass
Aussie Tattoos Big Stretch Hand
Toilet Putty Galaxy Slime
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Wholesale Price: $4.00 incl GST
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