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Jolly Joker

Jolly Joker

Everyone's old time favourite, the showbag that Ralph Mouth would have been proud of! Those ever popular nerd glasses are ideal for that instant gag! Includes rubber whoopee cushion, broken window & hot tea bag gag, stretchy icky sticky hand with that extra SNAP! Also includes a rubber razzer! Jolly Joker, the bag full of cheeky pranks and gags. Great value for money!

$4.00 Inc GST within Australia


Content & Details

Popular with: Unisex
Suitable for: Age 5+
Ideal for: School Fetes, Fairs, Fundraising, kids parties. Ready packed.

Whoopee Cushion Nerd Specs
Fake Lips Big Stretch Hand
Broken Window Hot Teabag
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Wholesale Price: $4.00 incl GST
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