Kahuna Boys

Kahuna Boys

Yo bro, woz up man? After somethin really cool bro? All da boys goona love dis bag man. It's mega hot! Hot stash here – contents include: Cool skate board and accessories kit (Pack size is 19cm x 14cm Approx), huge tattoos (Pack size is 19cm x 32cm Approx), 55cm army lanyard (20mm), kids magazine, mega cool water soaker and bone head ruler. This bag is a big hit with the older boys, grade 6 and up. Kahuna Boys coming to a neighbourhood near you!

$4.00 Inc GST within Australia


Content & Details

Popular with: Boys
Suitable for: Ages 9+
Ideal for: School Fetes, Annual Fairs, Fundraising, Kids Parties. Ready packed.

UFO Boomerang Rattlesnake Eggs
Skateboard Set Water Bombs
Peg Tops
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Wholesale Price: $4.00 incl GST
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